Mobile Scanning from Tablet PCs Changes the Way You Work

Scan2Pad® allows Image Access scanners to be controlled using an iPad or an Android tablet or even a smartphone running Android version 4.0.3 or higher. Experience a new way to work with our book scanners and large format scanners and see how simple it is to operate them using our mobile technology, Scan2Pad®.

Scan2Pad® is available for the iPad free of charge in the iTunes Store. Look for the App “Scan2Mobile” or simply search for Bookeye® or WideTEK.For Android Tablets and Smartphones, download the App with a single mouse click right here on our home page. Just click on Scan2Pad®.

Scan2Pad® Features & Functionality

Scan2Pad® for all Scan2Net® Scanners!

Scan2Pad® supports all book scanners and book copiers with the brand name Bookeye® as well as all WideTEK® wide format scanners.

The new plug-in Scan2PS for Adobe® Photoshop® software is particularly suitable for the art sector, but also for any  applications that involve image editing. The plugin exports and saves the scanned images either as a JPEG or TIFF file directly into the program. This saves an enormous amount of time and guarantees a high document throughput. Images can be scanned at resolutions up to 600 optical dpi, to produce digital images of the highest quality and with color accuracy.

Scan2PC takes advantage of the extensive capabilities of Scan2Net® scanners; including automatic size detection, crop and deskew, image splitting, color management and outputs in color, grayscale and black and white; to name just a few of the standard functions and features. It complements and extends the patented Scan2Net® technology that powers all Image Access scanners.

The plug-in can be used on Adobe Photoshop software versions off CS6 and the Creative Cloud® and is available for customers to download free of charge in the Customer Service Portal. There you will also find a short installation instruction, which we recommend you read before installing.

Using the Scan2Edit software, the operator exports the scanned images directly into the preferred image enhancement or graphics software applications (such as Adobe® Photoshop®, CorelDRAW®, OmniPage, etc.). Click through the tabbed parameter pages to set all scanning parameters and preferences. It´s just as simple to select the preferred application to which you will scan.

Scanning source material directly into the preferred graphics application saves the user time and automatically saving documents in a predefined network location increases document throughput. Additionally, Scan2Edit enables users to modify the scanned image without having to rescan – simply by changing selected scan parameters.

Software Bridge to Graphics Applications for Post-Processing

The images generated by Image Access scanners are such a high quality that post-processing is rarely required. However, some user applications require additional image modification or enhancement in a post-processing step, using a graphics tool like Adobe® Photoshop®.

Scan2Edit features a broad set of functionality available in Scan2Net® scanners such as the creation of PDF files, scanning in color, grayscale and binary in a variety of image formats, automatic crop and deskew of the source document as well as image enhancement through software, with a large number of selectable parameters. Scan2EDIT reduces postprocessing to a minimum.

Scan2ICC is an online tool for creating an individual ICC profile for a Scan2Net® scanner. This online service offers customers a simple and cost efficient alternative to procuring complicated and expensive third party software. An individual ICC profile can be generated online and stored for each Scan2Net® scanner.

By downloading a small application from the Image Access Customer Service Portal, your individual ICC profile can be made available to the scanner in only a few simple steps. The operator can repeat the process as often as necessary (for example, when ambient light characteristics have changed). Simply rescan the IT8 Scanner Calibration Target included in the package and the recalculated ICC profile can be saved to the scanner.

Guaranteed Color Quality from Scan to Printout

Color management with ICC profiling is important for true color output in all (color managed) processes from the input (i. e. scanning) to the output (i. e. printing). The ICC profile optimizes the interaction between various color spaces such as RGB (scanner) and CMYK (printer). Utilizing the ICC profile, the colors in the scan are optimized to match the original document. Color variations caused by ambient light or temperature fluctuation are compensated for.

The user can be certain that the scanned image and a print of the image both present the same color quality. Scan2ICC enhances and complements the Scan2Net® functionality.

Purchasing an ICC Profile Subscription is possible in the Image Access Customer Service Portal. After entering the device serial number the software is available for immediate download.

With the software option Scan2OCR, users can transform books, files and other documents quickly and easily into searchable multipage PDF files. OCR and text analysis is performed during the scan in the background, thus ensuring a smooth workflow and fast production without having to wait for OCR results.

Batch Scan Wizard is a fast and easy to use software solution from Image Access for professional management of large scanning volumes and jobs. The software increases data throughput and reduces operational tasks substantially. Batch Scan Wizard is ideal for processing large volume scanning jobs but is just as useful for smaller volumes in which more advanced operations like page splitting or extracting specific areas on a document is required.

The operator creates a job and configures a template for the job. Then, all images scanned are collected in the job until the job is closed by the operator. In addition to the standard scan parameters like brightness, contrast, color mode or file format; Batch Scan Wizard lets operators predefine specific areas of a document to extract, scan and save as separate images. Nothing is lost, because you can reopen a stored scan job and change it with the features cut, delete, insert and replace for any selected image in the job. You can also change the filename or directory location of the job.

Batch Scan Wizard supports all Scan2Net® scanners and their functions. Using Batch Scan Wizard´s rescan function, a previously scanned image is held in memory. Color mode, file format, rotation, mirror and camera settings can be modified without having to rescan. The new settings will affect the image immediately, without having to physically rescan the document. When you have optimized your scan parameters, you can save the new images or replace an image in your batch.

The new, freely configurable workflow tracking in Batch Scan Wizard supports you with information about your files in each scanning job. This record includes date and time for each image scanned, the scanning parameters used, the PC used and the location of your images.

Batch Scan wizard scan job indexing will help with the compilation of individual variables and/or combinations of variables for the automatic creation of file and directory names and their directory structures.

Batch Scan Wizard Functions:

OS independent, runs with 32/64-Bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10.

The PrintWizard is an extension to the ScanWizard software and converts every WideTEK® scanner to a powerful MFP system by adding the printer of your choice. PrintWizard maintains full control of all features of the attached printer, even paper properties or the level of available ink are visible without having to physically access the printer.

PrintWizard allows the user to define and manage workflow with individual scanner, printer and folding parameters all on one device, the scanner. Using presets and templates, PrintWizard provides the operator with a complete image control and job management system without the need for additional software or two separate configurations on the scanner and on the printer.


ScanWizard and PrintWizard each have five predefined scanner and printer templates which help the less experienced user to pick the right settings. The settings defined by the templates as well as their names can be changed and new templates can be added to suit other applications.

Copy Button

The copy button is also freely configurable and allows a single button copy function, using any one of the templates. This makes copying a set of large documents a simple task for everyone.

ScanWizard is a simple and intuitive user interface for your Scan2Net® scanner, which can be accessed using any standard web browser, an external HD touchscreen or the touchscreen on the scanner itself. ScanWizard is operating system independent and requires no installation of any kind on the user´s client PC since it is built right in to the scanner. Once your network administrator has assigned the scanner an IP address and installed it in your network, any user can access the scanner and operate it using ScanWizard.

ScanWizard used together with the PrintWizard functionality makes your scanner and any connected printers into an image management center, better than just a printer-centered MFP. Using ScanWizard with PrintWizard allows you to define your workflow with your own scanner, printer and folding parameters. You can control where your work goes — to which folders and how your work is output — on which peripheral devices.

Although the visual appearance of ScanWizard and PrintWizard varies slightly depending on the interface used, the functionality is the same on all three interfaces — any standard web browser, an external HD touchscreen or the touchscreen on the scanner itself.

Functions and Features of ScanWizard include:

BCS-2® software is a solution for digitizing, post-processing and electronic publishing of books, magazines and maps. Using the BCS-2® interface, overhead scanners, flatbeds, sheet feed and microfilm scanners and copiers can be controlled. The scan results of the job processes are seamlessly passed into the workflow system MyBib eDoc® or sent to the electronic reading room MyBib eL®.



Order Management

The PerfectStitch software is the easiest, most intuitive solution for fast and accurate stitching of two JPEG and TIFF images.

Using the high quality images generated by Image Access scanners, you can achieve a perfect stitching result in three simple steps. Double the scan area of your Image Access Scanner with PerfectStitch!